Top 13 Nursing Schools in Denmark for International Students (2023)

Nursing is a profession that is focused on the care of individuals, families and communities. Nursing is an important profession in the healthcare sector as they play a major role in our daily lives as well. Nurses take a vital role in education, assessing situations and support. The roles of nurses are vital in the healthcare industry, it is a stable profession to enter and it is a career path that enforces growth. There are so many nursing schools in Denmark for international students and some of these schools are free while some of the tuition is cheap. International students that would love to study nursing can apply for any of the schools, it is necessary to make research and know about the requirements needed before you start the application process.

Nursing Schools in Denmark for International Students

1. University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark was established in 1998 and since then it has become a leading university in the country and has produced lots of graduates in the country. This university offers various degree programs and courses for international and local students and they deliver research and sharing of knowledge to the highest level which helps in the promotion of growth, welfare and the community.

2. Aarhus University

Aarhus University was established in 1928 and it is among the top 100 universities in the world this university has slowly positioned itself to be one of the leading schools in Denmark for research purposes. It boasts of over 40,000 students and they have various degree programs for all courses. This university offers free and partial waivers to students according to their merits.

3. VIA University College, Aarhus and Horsens

The VIA University College was established in 2008 and has eight campuses all over the region, it boasts 20,000 students and offers professional and vocational courses. They offer some courses in English and up to 50 in Danish, this university participates in research and development programs.

4. University College Copenhagen

The University College Copenhagen boasts of high research universities and they have been ranked as the leading universities in the world. This university offers various programs in Danish and English and their tuition is not that expensive for international students. There are so many programs and courses that are available for you to offer.

5. University College of Northern Denmark

This University is one of the six regional organizations of different study sites and they offer professional courses for all degree programs. Some of the courses are considered on par with bachelor level if enrolling in a university, this university has different campus locations and they have spots available for international students that would love to study in the university. Their tuition is not very high and they offer free education to some of the locals.

6. UC SYD Kolding

Founded in 2011, this university has produced lots of graduates and they have many courses and programs for students. It boasts of student strength of 5,000 and 700 staff, the courses in this university are taught in English and the school has been ranked among the best in Europe.

7. Metropolitan University College

This University was founded in 2008 and they boast over 5,000 students in the university. This university college offers a range of academy and professional degrees, conducts research and this university offers courses in applied sciences they have campuses in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen. International students can apply for this university and get the course of their choice, they have various campuses located in different regions you must make research about all of that.

8. International Peoples College

The International Peoples’ College is a school for people all over the world. It is an internationally recognized school that teaches global awareness and tolerance and they have so many courses that you can choose from.

9. Aalborg University

This is a public university that was established in 1974, this school provides research within the areas of natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences, engineering and humanities and they focus on strong and international research groups that are being provided by the university. Aalborg University is ranked among the leading universities in the world and they provide free education to students from the EU/EEA country.

10. RUC, Roskilde University

The RUC, Roskilde University is a Danish public university that was founded in 1972 with over 8,000 students and over 500 employees. This university has been admitting international students that wish to study the nursing program in the university and it is well known for its research programs and teaching of nursing programs. They have other degree programs at this university and they offer some courses in English.

11. University College Lillebaelt

University College Lillebaelt was established in 2008, this school, offers all kinds of bachelor’s degree programs in the university and they have different research programs as well. This university offers more than 40 academy and professional higher education programmes and the graduates contribute to the continual growth of the university. It boasts of over 10,000 students and they have a good number of international students studying in the school.

12. University College Absalon

The University College Absalon covers the region of Zealand and they offer twelve professional bachelor’s degree programs two of which are taught in English. This university was established in 2007 and they have over 8,000 students that are being registered in the school. One of the downsides of studying at this university is that not all the courses are taught in English.

13. Denmark Technical College

This is a public community college in Denmark that offers so many courses in English. They have a wide range of programs for local students and international students which include nursing. They have a limited number of students in this university and they are ranked as one of the best technical universities worldwide.



There are so many nursing schools in Denmark for international students; some of these schools do not offer courses in English while others do. You should make your research properly before applying for any of these schools.

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