20 Best Esthetician Schools in Europe (2023)

Estheticians are known as skin care therapists or beauty therapists who help in beautifying the skin and face. The beauty industry is one of the most important industries in the world and billions of pounds are being spent yearly by lots of people just to help in beautifying themselves and making them look elegant and stunning. The job of an Esthetician is very important in the beauty industry as they have so many roles they play in our daily lives. As an Esthetician, it is a big deal for people to trust you with their face, as the face is one of the most important parts of the human body and being good at this you will need to study some of the best estheticians schools in Europe.

20 Best Esthetician Schools in Europe

1. Mephisto Maskenbildnerschule Hasso von Hugo GmbH, Germany

This is one of the best esthetician schools located in Germany. This school offer online classes and on-site classes and they have courses all about the beauty industry. This is one of the most renowned makeup schools and they have been able to graduate students who have made good names for themselves that have standout professionally. This beauty school is located in Berlin Germany on the east side mall.

2. London School of Beauty and Makeup

This is the most prestigious private beauty school in the UK. They offer many courses that are available for training beauty therapists and this school was founded in 1995. This school teaches makeup training, media makeup courses, artistry courses and others. They give students detailed and comprehensive information about the beauty and makeup industry.

3. Delamar Academy of Makeup and Hair

The Delamar Academy of Makeup and Hair is located in London, they are known as the leading institution for makeup and training in London. Being in existence for over 35 years has made them understand the beauty industry they are known for producing professionals and this school is highly regarded for their makeup and hair courses.

4. Academy of Freelance Makeup London

This school is known for having the best makeup courses in London and they have produced excellent graduates and professionals over the years. They offer revolutionary makeup courses, quality training and aftercare class to their students, having a wide range of courses students can choose from and having the best professionals that are ready to take you into the world of beauty and the industry in general.

5. Glauca Rossi School of Makeup

The Glauca Rossi School of Makeup is known for having professionals that teach the student the fundamentals of the beauty industry. These makeup courses have different courses that are available for students and they mould them into becoming beauty experts in a short time. This school gives you training from the basic in-depth and everything you need to know about makeup.

6. Makeup Institute Stockholm

This is one of the leading makeup institutes in Europe that is located in central Stockholm. This school focuses on makeup courses that are relevant to the beauty industry and they incorporate certain trends and styles of teaching in their day-to-day teaching so students will be familiar with what is happening in the beauty industry.

7. London College of Beauty and Therapy

The London College of Beauty and Therapy was founded in 1995 and it is one of the largest funded specialist colleges of its kind. This is known as one of the UK’s largest beauty schools and they have many courses that students can take. Studying at this school is a great way to gain recognition, having the name of a great beauty school behind you will help your potential clients recognize you and give you a head start in the beauty industry.

8. European Beauty Institute

The European Beauty Institute is located in Belgium and it is one of the finest beauty institutes in the country. They teach students various courses and teach them skills on how to apply lots of facial body treatments using manual and even machines.

9. Oxford International College of Beauty

This is one of the top-ranking specialist beauty schools in the UK. This school offers the highest qualification in the world when it comes to being an esthetician and they provide a gateway to employment in some of the world’s leading spas and careers in exotic locations. Many students have graduated from this beauty college that was established in 1960 and many have run different successful businesses from it.

10. International School of Beauty and Therapy, Malta

This school is located in Santa Venera Malta. It has been recommended to be the best beauty and therapy school in Malta and they have a wide range of courses meant for students. The diploma degree given to you by the school after completion of your course provides you with the knowledge needed to know about the human body, its origin, skin types and different kinds of facial procedures or treatments meant for the skin.

11. Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School, Dublin

The Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School is located in Dublin, Ireland and they provide courses on skincare courses, beauty courses, aesthetics, beauty and therapy and many more. They have so many advanced skincare courses that are accredited by the world’s major Beauty Therapy examination bodies.

12. Makeup Forever Academy, Paris

This beauty school offers online classes and on-site services. There are courses available that will turn you into a professional and there are certifications that you will get after completion of the course. This academy offers long and short course programmes on beauty, fashion, cinema, television, theatre performances and so much more.

13. Royal Beauty European School

The Royal Beauty European School is located in Downtown Toronto, Canada and it is known as one of the top performing schools in Europe. They offer online classes and whole lots of courses are available for you to choose from, they have professionals that are ready to help you kick start your beauty journey and make a name for yourself in the beauty industry.

14. Massage and Beauty Salon Rambla 75, Barcelona

This place is located in Barcelona Spain and they train students on courses in the beauty industry. It is one of the best places in Spain and it is highly recommended, this is where you can get the basic pieces of training needed in the beauty industry and this place can help you in becoming a professional in no time.

15. Dublin Institute of Technology

With over 20,000 students this is one of the leading schools in Ireland and they have lots of degree programs that are available for you. They have courses on aestheticism and beauty therapy and they have good professionals that can take you on those courses. This school offers short and long courses and after the duration of your program, you can easily get a certificate in no time.

16. Institut Esthederm

This place is located in Paris, France and they have made a name for themselves in the beauty industry. Aside from making products that are needed in the beauty industry this company are also training beauty professionals that focus on different beauty therapy aspects and they ensure that they undergo a rigorous teaching process so they can come out to become professionals.

17. Centro Studi GISED

It was established in 2002 as a non-profit organization that is meant for making clinical research in dermatology. They have trained professionals and students that are learning to become professionals. They deal with so many research programs to improve scientific knowledge and assistance to the beauty industry.

18. Scuola di Estetica Roma

Scuola di Estetica Roma is located in Rome and they deal in the beauty and skincare industry. There are so many courses available that you can learn and they offer onsite services, the courses available are to ensure that you are well knowledgeable in the world of beauty and you are being taught by experienced professionals.

19. L’ Institut de beaute’ Carita

L’ Institut de beaute’ Carita is located in Paris, France it is known as one of the best beauty schools in France and they are ready to make you a professional in no time. They have several beauty products that are available and learning from this academy gives you an insight into how the beauty industry works and what to expect.

20. Cork Institute of Technology

This school is located in Ireland and they offer so many courses and programs. There are available courses and programs for estheticians and they are good professionals that are ready to give you the pieces of training that are needed in the industry.



The beauty industry is so wide and there is so much for you to learn. Enrolling in one of the best esthetician schools in Europe is one can be benefitting in the long run and you can become a professional in a few years. If working in the beauty industry is your dream then this is the best thing you just came across.

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