10 Best Nursing Schools in Norway for International Students (2023)

Nursing is a profession in the healthcare sector that focuses on the care of individuals, families and communities. Nursing includes the promotion of health, prevention of illness, care of the disabled and many more. Nursing is one of the important sectors in the healthcare industry and it has been in existence for a long time.

The Best Nursing Schools in Norway for International Students includes Molde University College of Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care, University of Agder, Oslo Metropolitan University, Ostfold University College, University of Bergen, VID Specialized University, University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Nord University, and University of South-Eastern Norway.

10 Best Nursing Schools in Norway for International Students

1. Molde University College of Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care

Molde University College of faculty of health sciences and social care offers a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Nursing. There are so many exchange programs for nursing and other courses that are being offered at the University. This university is specialized in logistics and other courses and it is known as the only specialized university in logistics and economics in the Norwegian language.

The Molde University College for the school of nursing is the best nursing school in Norway for International students because it has a high pass rate for licensure examinations and also for Public health officials, this university teaches students in Norwegian language and English.

2. University of Agder

The University of Agder is a famous nursing school in Norway, applying to this university for international students some of the courses are taught in Norwegian and applicants must be able to document their Norwegian skills before they can be admitted while the master’s program is generally taught in English. Students in the nursing program get strictly chosen for the program if they are qualified and well suited for nursing.

The school believe those who have the practical skills and the necessities of humans are meant to be enrolled in the program. Being one of the best universities in Norway, they make sure that the students are fully prepared and ready to take over the nursing world and they make sure there are enough resources available to teach them all that is needed to know. The duration to study in this program is three (3) years and it aims to prepare its student for professional and personal development.

3. Oslo Metropolitan University Department of Nursing and Health Promotion

This is a state university in Norway and it became a result of so many vocational colleges the university was founded in 2018 and since then they have been lots of improvements that were made to the university. This university has over 20,000 students, 800 academic support staff and 1,400 academic employees. The department of nursing is a huge one in this university and they have been able to create many research groups for the healthcare industry in Norway that is focused on health and medicine development.

They have a popular research group which includes midwifery that focuses on pregnancy, birth and posts natal care for mothers, they offer additional research programs in children’s health and it is known as one of the largest master’s programs in the university has a good number of students annually. Aside from nursing, this University offers other courses of your choice that you can opt into if you wish. This university offers bachelor’s degrees in nursing and master’s as well and they offer courses in English and Norwegian languages.

4. Ostfold University College

This is a university college in Viking County, Norway and has over 7,000 students with two campuses. This university offers nursing programs to its students and they offer exchange programs for international students. It has over 100 studies taught in new and modern premises and the languages of instruction are Norwegian and English.

They are specialized in social work, child welfare, and educator training. Although very few, English courses for nursing students are also offered in the university, specifically for foreign students. Other programs are available for others as well in the university.

5. University of Bergen

This is an internationally recognized research university, it is one of the universities that offered so many courses to its students and the fees are subsidized for international and Norway students.

The acceptance rate of this university is 29% as Bergen has developed itself as a major educational centre over the past few years. They offer courses in English and Norwegian and almost all master’s courses are offered in English.

6. VID Specialized University

This is a private non-profit institution that offers educational research programs for students. They boast of student strength of over 4,000 and they have quite a good number of staff. This university offers 50 study programs at master’s, PhD and bachelor’s levels.

7. University of Oslo Institute of Health and Society

This is a public research university that is located in Oslo, Norway and this is one of Norway’s largest. The department of Nursing Science is a university department that conducts multi-disciplinary research related to medical sciences, professional development, management, and nursing disciplines. They have a wide range of knowledge and various courses they want to achieve in three years.

The language of instruction is Norwegian and English and they offer bachelor and masters for nursing students. At this nursing school in Norway, there are two master’s programs in Nursing and these are Master in Nursing Science and Advance Nurse Practitioner in Geriatric Nursing. The nursing program in this school looks dense and packed but in the long run, it is beneficial for future employment purposes.

8. Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Nursing

This is a public university located in As, Norway and they have lots of courses for students that want to study various programs at different levels. This university was established in 1859 and has a good number of students.

The nursing department is known as one of the best in Norway as they have so many courses that are being taught in English. This university is fit for international students as classes can be easily taken in English and there is so much more they offer in this university.

9. Nord University

Nord University is the only Norwegian university to enter into the SEA-EU European university alliance. It is a state university in Nordland and has over 11,000 students and they have study locations in Northern and central Norway.

Some of the most popular Bachelor’s Programs taught in English are Biology, Bachelor in Circumpolar Studies, and Bachelor in English Studies and Culture. During the latest admissions cycle, the university accepted about 4,000 students or about a quarter of all submitted applications.

10. University of South-Eastern Norway

This is a Norwegian state university that is popularly known as USN and It has campuses in Bø, Telemark, Porsgrunn, Notodden, Rauland, Drammen, Hønefoss, Kongsberg and Horten. The University has one of the best Nursing Schools in Norway for International students.



There are so many universities in Norway for international students. Most of the problems international students face in Norway is the language barrier. However, there are some courses that are being taught in English to help those who do not understand the Norwegian language.

You should consider any of the best Nursing Schools in Norway for international students that we have explored above if you are interested in studying Nursing in Norway.


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