Top 10 Best College Majors for Dyslexics (2023)

Learning with a disability is not easy as there are so many things that can occur during that process. Dyslexia is a disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how to relate to letters and words. This condition also runs in the family and it is linked to nerves, several colleges help students like this to aid them in the learning process, there are so many colleges you can apply to even with this disability. Students with dyslexia can succeed in school with enough care, tutoring and specialized education program. After college those with this disability can work in various industries, they can work in healthcare, sports and entertainment, construction, sales and marketing.

Best College Majors for Dyslexics

1. West Virginia Wesleyan College

This is a private college in Buckhannon, West Virginia. This college has been ranked among the best colleges for people with dyslexia. They have been able to improve their learning process over the years to cater for those with disability and they have so many support programs for students. They have been able to partner with other dyslexic colleges to make learning easier for students, they have the mentoring advantage program and assistive technology lab, Lindamood- bell learning techniques and so much more. They have created different tried and true approaches to improving verbal expression and reading comprehension.

2. Southern Methodist University

This is a private university/college that is focused on arts and tradition and it is a centre for global research. Located in Dallas, this university is a dynamic powerhouse of business and culture and it is known as one of the best so far. They have various programs for students with disabilities and they have improved their system of teaching and learning process. They have a course that has been able to distinguish them from other major colleges which is the HDEV 1110 course. Titled “Reading and Learning Strategies for Students with LD/ADHD,” this class helps course members understand their unique learning styles while improving their reading rate/comprehension.

3. Curry College

This College is located in Milton, Massachusetts and was founded in 1879 since then they have had special programs for students with disability. It has its program is known as Advancement of Learning (PAL) is one of the leading support programs for undergraduates with learning disabilities, it has its inoculum that introduces enrolled graduates to innovative learning strategies that will help them in the long run.

4. Westminster College

This College is located in Salt Lake City and they have providing excellent learning services for students that are disabled. This college offers the Westminster Learning Differences Program (LDP), Students in LDP also participate in regular goal-setting and progress-monitoring meetings with professional advisors, who double as student-faculty liaisons and can provide referrals for a host of supplementary support services. Aside from having a program for people with disability, this college has been ranked as one of the best in the west and they have been able to stand out among others.

5. Landmark College

Landmark College is exclusively for students with learning disabilities, autism and attention disorder. It is located in Putney, Vermont and it offers associate degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences. There are so many courses students can choose from that will help them on the career path of their choice. They have certified instructors that are available to all students regardless of ability and will work with them one-on-one to develop productive habits and study skills. Landmark also offers a host of educational technologies – like Kurzweil 3000 (text-to-speech) and Dragon NaturallySpeaking (speech-to-text) – that can make a world of difference for undergrads with dyslexia

6. Beacon College

Beacon College is located in Leesburg, Florida and it is known as a college for students with learning disabilities. They offer two years and four years programs to students that need a course of their choice, studying in this college as a person with learning disabilities gives you the opportunity of having like-minded individuals with you and this can, in turn, give peace and assurance that you are not alone.

7. Limestone College

This is a private college that is located in Gaffney, South Carolina, established in 1845 and since then it has produced so many graduates with learning disabilities. They have the Alternative Learning Styles (PALS), which manages to target nuseveralues that plague dyslexics specifically. These include writing workshops, supervised study halls, and a one-credit course on study strategies, among other services. They have other degree programs that those with learning disabilities can study that will help them in having a career for themselves in a short time.

8. Marshall University

This University has been ranked among the best for dyslexics and they have a H.E.L.P program which spans the academic, social, and psychological aid, specifically designed to assist with learning disorders like ADHD and dyslexia. The Skills Development Program, for example, goes beyond academic tutoring to help qualifying undergrads develop confidence in the areas they need it most. Marshall University has various courses and degree programs that are meant for students with learning disabilities and they have been able to provide a simple way of learning. They also engage in recreational sporting activities that will help students to perform well in classes and other areas that are needed.

9. Mount St Joseph University

This is a private Roman Catholic University in Ohio that was founded in 1920 and since then there have been lots of graduates from this university even those with learning disabilities. It has over 1,200 students and it provides accommodation for students with learning disabilities. They have created a disability dubbed project which is tagged EXCEL, this program is virtually second to none among high-value, affordable dyslexia college programs. From scheduled tutoring in every subject to professional academic coaching every week, Project EXCEL works individually with each program member to ensure that those with dyslexia and/or other related disabilities don’t fall through the cracks. There are so many advantages of studying in this college as it gives students the attention that is needed and it makes sure that they come out successful in no time.

10. Nicholls State University

Nicholls State University has a dedicated dyslexia program, this program provides personal advising, testing accommodations, assistive technology, and more to undergrads with a variety of learning challenges. The program offers so many things ranging from preferential classroom seating and peer note takers to extended assignment deadlines and supplementary review. Dyslexic students can also request just about any course content on tape, including lectures, textbooks, assignments, and homework solutions. This college is located in Thibodaux, Louisiana and they have over 100 programs where you can easily graduate with a degree. This college has been able to produce award-winning teachers, principals and administrators over the last five years.



There are so many Dyslexic schools and attending the best might just be one of the best decisions for you to make. Best College Majors for Dyslexics are spread out in every state in the US and you need to know that many of these schools offer special programs that will be beneficial to you in the long run, they will help you get a degree easily and have the career that you have always dreamed of.

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