List of Georgia Colleges that Don’t Require SAT and ACT

Having good SAT and ACT scores are good for admission requirements and they are great in helping you get into great schools but those without SAT and ACT or those who have a low grade can still attend other colleges that do not require SAT and ACT as part of the admission requirement process. There are lots of colleges in Georgia that do not require SAT and Act scores for you to get in. SAT and ACT are meant to give colleges insight into your academic capabilities as a student and there might be some areas that you are good at and others that you might be lacking, this will help the college in knowing more about your academics and how to offer help if possible.

List of Georgia Colleges that Don’t Require SAT and ACT

1. The Art Institute of Atlanta

The Art Institute of Atlanta is a private school in Atlanta Georgia, it is owned by the Education Principle Foundation. This school was founded in 1949 with a few diploma programs which include basic business and secretarial skills. There is no need of submitting SAT/ACT scores as this institution is test-optional, there are so many programs you can apply to study in this institution.

2. Beulah Heights University

Beulah Heights University is one of the oldest Christian universities in Georgia it was founded in 1918 and it offers an education that is founded on the protestant Christian tradition. This university nurtures its student with leadership skills, exposing them to international ministry opportunities through mission programs and short-term trips and allowing them to study various programs of their choice.

3. College of Coastal Georgia

This is a public institution that was founded in 1961 and has a student capacity of over 3,000. This college offers a wide range of programs for its students from bachelor’s degree programs, to associate degree programs and certificate programs. The requirements that are needed to get into this school are not much but you should know that this is a test-optional college as your SAT and ACT scores are not needed.

4. Darton State College/Albany State University

This College was founded in 1963 and there was a merger between Darton State College and Albany State in 2015 since then it has been transformed into Albany State University. It has a student strength of over 5,000 and a good number of programs that you can choose from.

5. Point University

This is a private evangelical university that is located in west point Georgia. It was established in 1937 and there was a name change in 2011 to its current name Point University. This university is known as home to the centre for calling and career to help students achieve success after graduation and they provide support services to students both in person and online.

6. Georgia Gwinnett College

Georgia Gwinnett College was first established as a technical college and since then it has transformed into a full college offering various programs and courses. This college has a population of over 10,000 students with few requirements you can easily gain admission into this college.

7. Brenau University

This is a private non-profit institution located in Gainesville, Georgia. This university was founded in 18148 and since then it has produced so many graduates with different degrees and programs. It has an acceptance rate of 92.2% and it does not require much rigorous process.

8. Perimeter College

Georgia State University: Georgia Perimeter College merged with Georgia State University in 2016 and since then they have been able to offer so many degree programs and have a good number of students. This is one of the largest universities in the United States with over 50,000 students and you can apply without an SAT or ACT.

9. Thomas University

This is a private non-profit college that offers degree programs online and on campuses. They have a wide range of programs for undergraduate students and other programs which include, clinical /medical laboratory science, business administration and management, social work, criminal justice/law enforcement administration and many more. It has a limited number of students in the university and the application process is easy.

10. Middle Georgia State College

This College has been in existence for a long period and it is known for not requiring SAT or ACT before you can gain admission to study for a degree program of your choice. There are lots of programs that students can apply and get into and providing your test scores became optional.

11. Atlanta Metropolitan State College

This is a public college in Atlanta that is part of the university system of Georgia and it has a good number of programs that one can apply to. This college has over 2,000 students enrolled and it does not require SAT and ACT before you can get it as it offers a test-optional requirement.

12. Georgia Highlands College

This is a college that was established in 1970 and it is mostly referred to as an open institution that accepts all students who apply. This college offers associate degrees, bachelor of Science degrees and bachelor of business administration degrees. This college is known for providing eight associate pathways and two bachelor programs entirely online.

13. Bainbridge State College

Bainbridge State College was a public college which was later merged into Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in 2017. This college has over 2,000 students and offers different degree programs. It is a four (4) year state college and since then the college has produced so many graduates and they have low admission requirements in the college.

14. Carver College

Carver College is a biblical college in Atlanta that was established in 1943. This college was meant to meet the needs of those desiring biblical and theological training and they have graduated over a thousand students since 1943. They have various programs for theological students and the admission process is quite easy.

15. East Georgia State College

This is a public college that is part of the university system of Georgia. This college provides a world-class education at an affordable price, they have in-state tuition of about $3,000 or more and they offer various degree programs to fit the needs of the students that are enrolled in the college.

16. Luther Rice University

Luther Rice University is a private Baptist seminary and college in Georgia. It was founded in 1952 and has over 500 students. This college offers programs on biblical studies and they have been creating an environment of Christian excellence for over 50 years. They offer online seminary, online Christian college, masters of divinity, masters of degree in religion, online biblical education and so much more.

17. South Georgia State College

This is a public college in Douglas and Waycross Georgia. This college offers programs like Registered nursing/registered nurse, liberal arts and science/liberal studies, business management, marketing and related supported services, biology/biological sciences and many more. You don’t need SAT or ACT to get into this college as it offers test-optional requirements.

18. Gainesville State College

Gainesville State College was founded in 1964 and has over 5,000 students. This college does not have rigorous admission requirements, there are so many programs and courses that you can choose from.

19. Gordon State College

This is one of the colleges in Georgia that has an open admission policy, you do not need to have high scores before you can apply as there are so many courses and programs for you to choose from but you should know that it is a two years college. They offer classes at three physical campuses and online and they boast of three (3) different styles of housing. This college has over 2,000 students and it was established in 1852.

20. Kennesaw State College

Kennesaw State College was established in 1963 they have been providing good education and they have produced lots of graduates in the school. s school offers more than 150 undergraduates and a growing degree with a growing doctorate program. It is now known as the Kennesaw State University and they are known for producing the highest number of teachers and nurses in Georgia.

21. Macon State College

This is a four-year state college and it was merged with the middle Georgia College into a new institution which was done in July 2015. This college offers so many programs and they are known as one of the biggest in Georgia.



Attending a college that does not have a difficult admission process can be quite easy as you do not need to provide SAT and ACT scores before you can be admitted to these colleges. Many Georgia colleges don’t require SAT and ACT and many of them are test-optional schools and they give you the opportunity of once you have the requirements you can easily gain admission into those schools.

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