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It’s no longer news that students all over the world desire to travel overseas for their tertiary education for various reasons. However, the high cost of tuition is always one of the discouraging factors, hence the birth of the Affordable Scholar Blog.

Affordable Scholar is dedicated to providing credible information on schools with the cheapest and most affordable tuition fees in different countries around the world for international students.

Additionally, we are also dedicated to providing credible information on subjects centered around Career and Education in our highly informative blog posts.

Furthermore, we have a strong team of excellent writers and editors who go the extra mile in sourcing accurate information from credible and authoritative sources as we value providing our readers with high-quality information and content.


At Affordable Scholar, we remain committed to providing you with credible information that will be helpful in your quest to study in tertiary institutions overseas at affordable costs.

However, the various schools reserve the right to change the cost of tuition fees at any time. For this reason, we would advise that you visit the official school website for an update on possible tuition changes or a comprehensive overview of the school before taking any action.

We would try out best update information on the blog should a tuition change occur as soon as possible.