Top 10 Easiest Countries To Work As A Nurse (2023)

Nursing is a profession that encompasses autonomous and collaborative treatment of all ages, families, groups, and communities in all settings. Nursing is a work that mainly aims towards promoting good health, preventing diseases, and caring for the ill and disabled ones. Nursing is a great career to choose from anywhere in the world. The values and usefulness of the work are immense and overly important to the existence of humanity.

The top 10 Easiest countries to work as a nurse include United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. These are the different easy countries where you can work as a nurse.

Top 10 Easiest Countries To Work As A Nurse

1. United States

The United States is one of the easiest countries to work as a nurse as well as the most developed nations in the world. There are various career benefits for nurses in the United States. Albeit, in the country, there is a high demand for nurses so there can be intense competition for jobs in certain areas, making it important to have strong qualifications and experience. The average salary for nurses in the United States is $75,796.

2. Canada

In Canada, you will need to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from a recognized nursing program and complete a National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

Also, to work as a nurse in Canada, you must be licensed by the relevant regulatory body in the province or territory where you plan to practice. Each province has its licensing requirements and fees.  Canada is another country where it is both easy and rewarding to become a nurse. The nurses in Canada are required to maintain their licenses by participating in continuing education programs and renewing their licenses regularly.

3. United Kingdom

To become a nurse in the UK, You may be required to have some previous healthcare experience, such as working as a care assistant or healthcare support worker. Besides, nursing degree programs in the United Kingdom can take anywhere from three to four years to complete, and after graduation, students must undergo a period of supervised practice. In as much as you display huge dedication towards your career, you will find it quite easy and fruitful to become a nurse in the UK. The high demand for nurses in the UK, combined with the top requirements, ensures that those who do become nurses are well-prepared to provide quality care to patients

4. Australia

Australia is another easy place where you can work as a nurse. The country has a well-developed healthcare system, and the demand for qualified nurses continues to grow, particularly in rural and remote areas. The country offers a supportive working environment with flexible hours, opportunities for advancement, and a focus on continuing education and professional development. The average salary for nurses in Australia is $80,499 per year.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand has a strong and diverse economy, and the country offers many opportunities for professional and personal growth. Furthermore, New Zealand is a popular tourist destination, and visitors are often struck by the country’s stunning landscapes and friendly people. For nurses, New Zealand is usually a lovely destination to work. New Zealand also has a well-respected and regulated healthcare system, which provides a safe and supportive work environment for nurses. The country has a commitment to providing quality health care to its citizens, and nursing staff are well-supported by a range of professional development opportunities

6. Ireland

Ireland is an easy and awesome place to work as a nurse. With its rich history, beautiful scenery, and vibrant cities, Ireland is a befitting place for nurses looking forward to improving their careers. Working conditions for nurses in Ireland are generally good, with competitive salaries, flexible working hours, and opportunities for professional development. The Irish healthcare system values its nursing staff highly, and there is a strong emphasis on continuing education and training to ensure that nurses are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. The average salary for nurses in Ireland is € 45 336 per year.

7. Germany

To become a nurse in Germany, you will need to complete a nursing program, pass a state-recognized exam, and obtain a work permit. The process to become a nurse might be quite challenging for a foreigner, besides, with patience and commitment, one can easily reap the rewards of nursing in the country. Nursing programs in Germany generally take three years to complete, and students are required to complete a certain number of clinical hours in a hospital setting.

8. France

France is regarded to be a good place to work by many people. The country has an efficient economy and is home to many international businesses and organizations. French workers enjoy several benefits, including a high standard of living, a good work-life balance, and a comprehensive healthcare system.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is an easy and great place to work as a nurse. Moreover, you must pass the Swiss licensing exam to practice as a nurse in Switzerland. This exam covers both theoretical and practical aspects of nursing. Also, If you are not a Swiss citizen, you will need to apply for a work permit to work as a nurse in Switzerland.

10. Belgium

Belgium has a strong work-life balance culture, with many employees receiving generous vacation time and flexible work hours. It is one of the easiest countries to work as a Nurse. Working as a nurse in Belgium is easy and intriguing as there are work opportunities to benefit from in the country. The average salary for nurses in Belgium is €63,829 per year.



Nursing is a career that helps you save lives, bring happiness to individuals and their families, and comfort to those in need. Apart from being a career that brings so much personal satisfaction, the profession also offers a wide range of opportunities to practitioners.

There are several easy countries where you can work as a nurse. These countries have a professional and amazing process for licensing nurses. They also offer highly rewarding benefits and solid career opportunities for nurses

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